[StBernard] 8 Candidates Vie for Lt. Governor Race

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 26 09:44:00 EDT 2010

Yep, it's me, John. I realize times are getting thin so the state has to
make tough decisions. When that happens no one is happy, but something's
got to be done. I don't mind how the budget ax falls since I realize things
will have to get cut, but I do find some fault with Bobby's "listening"
process. I find he's not as accessible as he used to be - he's tougher to
get to...and he comes across as if he/his administration is not listening or
getting input from the public, as he once went out of his way to do. I
guess the political walls are going up around him as he grows in both power
and recognition (on the national scene).

Also, I drove down Colonial Blvd. the other day. I noticed your mother's
home and the neighbors are gone.

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guess this is you John, or Westley?

Yeah, I was just having to do a little back and forth too. <g>

Although I was for Walter B. in the election, I felt certain Bobby was going
to win.

But right now I'm p*ssed at him. He should have called a special session of
the lege to deal with how we cut the budget during lean times. We cannot
continue to chop away just at education and health care alone. Other
agencies have to bite the bullet too but most are protected from cuts by the
state constitution. So that means the lege would have to put out a
constitutional amendment or two.

We used to worry about the "brain drain" of kids in LA leaving after
graduating from college, but we'll get to the point that they'll leave after
high school so they can go to a school that offers all the coursework they

Just my pet peeve. ;-)

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