[StBernard] School Board Race Heats Up in Saint Bernard

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 27 08:02:26 EDT 2010


I take a more simple perspective on this issue. If saying the Pledge is not
required, it doesn't mean you can't say it. This then provides an excellent
opportunity for citizens to see if those we have elected or appointed to
"serve us" have proper respect for country and our flag. If the Pledge is
required, then you never know for sure if they're saying because they want
to or doing it only because they are being forced to.


I think if it is a public committee then it should be required. Saying the
Pledge will help remind the committee members of who they are working for.
That is the same reason all religious organizations begin their events with
a prayer. To remind them who they answer to.

If the Planning Commission is not saying the Pledge at the beginning of
every meeting, shame on them.

The event mentioned in my last email was a political debate between
candidates for elected office. Again, the Pledge should have been an agenda

What sparks the debate about this event is that a member of the audience
asked if the Pledge was going to be said. Instead of taking 30 seconds to
say the Pledge, the Marxist that was in no way even pretending to be
impartial, started on a two minute explanation of why the Pledge was not
going to be said.

If this Obama disciple had simple said the Pledge, no one would have said
two words about it being omitted from the agenda.


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