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Louisiana Redistricting Information

The Louisiana Legislature is responsible for redrawing district boundaries
for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Louisiana Supreme Court and other
courts, the Public Service Commission (PSC), and the Board of Elementary and
Secondary Education (BESE) using data from the 2010 Census
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The Louisiana House of Representatives has delegated the responsibility for
initial plan development to the House & Governmental Affairs Committee. The
Redistricting page on the House of Representative's web site provides a lot
of helpful resources, information, and statistics related to the process:

The House & Governmental Affairs Committee will hold a meeting at the State
Capitol in Baton Rouge on February 15, 2011 to discuss redistricting in

Additionally, public meetings will be held throughout Louisiana February 17
- March 1 to allow for public comment concerning the census populations, the
deviations of existing districts from an ideal population, and solutions for
district line drawing. A complete listing of public meetings can be found

Review the following document for a general overview of the redistricting

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