[StBernard] African-American leaders in St. Bernard honored in recognition of Black History Month

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 22 07:54:42 EST 2011

Might I ask how many Sicilians and Cajuns were honored in da Parish or
America this past year?

--Every month AfriKans are honored at some event, music fiasco or "month
dedicated to ONLY AfriKans. It's the socialist contribution to AmeriKa (used
to be honorably called America, (remember when?).

If the U.S. and is going to play "friendly persuasions" to the races, it
cannot overwhelm one culture over the other. The 4th of July is a patriotic
day and not intended to be sc aled to any one race, color or creed. It's
intent is to unify/nationalize Americans together. When each month glorifies
a specific race and creed beyond another who is simply forced to accept the
"AfriKanization of America's once proud diversity, it glorifies at the same
moment it disenfranchises. Christmas, thus far has been hijacked, January
has been hijacked, February has been hijacked, Mardi Gras has been Hijacked,
4th of July has been Hijacked (Essence Festival), and about every month in
between has also.

The aim is to elevate one culture in prominence and degrade others
overwhelmingly by comparison.

There are many cultures in America. If at all, they enjoy one month to enjoy
their culture/ancestry with a fest. When dozens of events and festivals are
peppered every week with a specific culture in mind, it tears the fabric of
coherence of cultures.

Can we honor a year-long series of events to another culture
(European-Americans, Asian, Native-Ams), and overshadow the dominant culture
overspreading the calendar!? I don't think the socialists would be in favor
of it.

That is what gets my fever higher.

And while we're at it, let's remove the founding fathers and AmeriCan
history and retell it to empower the socialists trying to exult the darker
persuasion in passion that in 30 years, the illegals and such darker
cultures will put Europeans and Asians and Native Americans on the totem
pole's lower echelon.

If we do not equalize the disparity of overwhelming favoritism soon in
modern times, we will not be able to recover economically, culturally or
emotionally in future times. It's irreversible.

Remember, it's not SOCIAL JUSTICE--it's equal justice and fair play.


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