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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Feb 23 17:58:44 EST 2011

Jer Responds: This sounds like a ton of old axes to grind from the former
failed administration of Junior (please, no more socialists!!). As you will
recall, the term, "Democrat" has officially died, replaced once by Clinton
when he ran as "liberal", and now ALL who progressed (oh, I hate this
word!), became socialists since O-bama-lama sprung into office!! Mr.
Peralta did not list his party affiliation, so we'll have to only assume
he's not conservative in party. Leaning any other way tells the true story.
Party matters to many these days to distinguish/separate oneself from the
socialists. "Either U "is" or U "ain't".

I've no love lost for any candidate in the race, but it is starting to sound
like political mud-slinging. The question is:

"who wins when enough mud is slung"?

The public from hearing the trash hit the heap?

A candidate because he threw enough mud?

A recipient of the slop?

At any rate, light a candle for the apartments failure and a "white
candle", not a voodoo worshiper's "black candle" for either the apartments
or the candidates.


May the best man or woman win (is there one <conservative woman> in the
race. The council's podium does look a little "manly" <G>? but because he is
heaven sent, and not because someone loss due to a pile of mud.


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