[StBernard] PRESIDENT'S REPORT: St. Bernard President Craig Taffaro asked Parish Council to support him in withdrawing building permits for apartment complexes

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Mar 4 20:30:17 EST 2011

"Ah Jerry...now you know the old saying about making assumptions." --JY.

Jer Responds: Yep, that absolutely can happen. However, my brain
registered MF as part of the "thought" process breaking down the acronym
into two uncertain parts, the "M & the F". This might take postulation or
guessing as part of the path to the end result.

However, on my behalf, there was little guessing in this context:

Quote: "I hate to see the MF and the others get rewarded for being traitors
to the parish."

Jer: I had no idea that the initials, MF and Meraux Foundation would be
linked--no idea. No preference or support or not on statement's characters,
but the "tone" in the statement above did throw me off (in hind-sight). It
seems to be a natural response to me.

I should have read the statement more than twice<G>

Sorry. A lot about nothing, but what I will assume is that millions in
today's era have made MF a household word of which its context is not left
to the imagination. I may have taken it out of context, but if I can be
honest: in the past 10 years, I seldom use Meraux Foundation as part of my

Furthermore, putting MF in the same sentence with specific people may make
absolute sense to the entire discussion. ;^-)


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