[StBernard] Federal Judge Ginger Berrigan approves Temporary Restraining Order on Friday Nullifying Cease and Desist Orders issued by St. Bernard President Craig Taffaro

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Mar 4 21:24:28 EST 2011


For many years, the slogan went:

"You can't fight city hall!"

Now, the 180 degree turn of events in the past 30 years now goes with the
slogan as follows:

"City Hall can't fight the socialists!"

That is as long as the socialists are in power and in also in bed with the
Unions, communists and radical muslims. All together, they may or may not
hate each other. But, certainly, with their joining forces, you've noticed
this result with Berrigan and the N'awlins crowd of non-patriots.

Everyone who cares about their homeland should have very short memories when
the time comes to vote the bastids out of power, whether it be at the local
level, the state level or the federal level.


..give the socialists a foot, ..and they'll take a country.

Ps. Watch your children closely what they're being force fed (from
kindergarten to college). We've learned that their revolution to destroy
the nation as we know it comes in the form of a "nudge", and not necessarily
blood in the streets (although I wouldn't put it past them after watching
them around the nation be inspired by all-out revolution as Marxists and
radical muslims are prepared to bring down America.

And, here in the south, it's no longer an issue of race we should be
concerned about, but their political affiliation.


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