[StBernard] Saints Season Ticket Seat Changes

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Mar 27 18:37:59 EDT 2011

personally, I love the Saints as a team. I have been a fan since 1969.
Needless to say, I have suffered through some dismal seasons along with the
best of them, the whole while promising a brighter future for us all in:
wait till next year. Now, the reality of it all!!! I am finding it very
hard to sympathize with people who earn an average of 2 to 10 million
dollars in a six month time frame for doing what they love to do---play
football. I started working at nine years old making five dollars a week on
a hay farm. I have worked all of my life up until I was forced to medically
retire due to health reasons. The point I am getting to is: In my entire
life I have never made more than 35,000 dollars in one year of working. And
on this salary I managed to raise four kids, own at least two vehicles, a
house payment, own at least one motorcycle at a time, own a boat, and take a
vacation every year along with a couple of cruises. Sooo, what I am getting
to is this, let them all go, as in fired. Start the league all over. Have a
salary cap. Not once in my entire career have I had the nerve to approach my
boss and ask to see what he is making and then state that I want more money
or I will strike. I was a teamster for several years, and all I ever saw was
those guys taking our money for nothing. We never were actually protected
and not on grievance that I filed ever came out in my favor. of course, this
is just my opinion and I could be wrong. BL

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