[StBernard] Fake Adobe Email

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Mar 31 09:40:09 EDT 2011

Adobe Acrobat Reader currently has what is known as a zero-day security
problem. What this means is that the once the security problem was found it
was told to everyone without giving Adobe a chance to release an update to
fix the problem.

For the most part, everyone should be ok, since it takes a properly crafted
PDF file to exploit the hack.

Of more concern are the emails being sent out urging people to upgrade their
Adobe Reader to fix the problem. The emails are fakes and will lead you to a
fake site that asks you for your contact and credit card info.

Remember, Adobe will NOT send you an email asking you to upgrade nor will
they charge for security fixes.

When in doubt, always manually go to the manufacturer's web site to get the
latest updates.


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