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Marathon Oil? or Murphy Oil?

N.O.W. YOU KNOW by DanaArcement <http://connect.nola.com/user/DanaArcement/
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In further review of Provident's LA tax credit application documents, one
document reads as follows:

"There are nine major employers in St. Bernard Parish, all within only a ten
to fifteen minute drive to The New Orleans Central Business District, the
French Quarter, and Canal Street. There are nine major employers in St.
Bernard Parish, all within walking distance or a five-minute drive of the
proposed Magnolia Park Apartments. These employers include the St. Bernard
Port Harbor and Terminal District, the American Sugar Refinery, the
Exxon-Mobil Refinery, the Marathon Oil Refinery, the NASA Michoud Assembly
Facility, the Jackson Barracks, the St. Bernard Parish Government, the
Headquarters of SDT Waste, and the Ellen (mispelled) P. Nunez Community

The American Sugar Refinery is the largest sugar refinery in the United
States and will celebrate its 100th year of operation in September. The
Jackson Barracks, which is the headquarters for the Louisiana National
Guard, the Army and Marines, is currently being rebuilt at a cost of
approximately $200,000,000. NASA Michoud Assembly Facility builds the fuel
tanks for the space shuttle. Marathon Oil is proposing to expand its
existing refinery, and the Headquarters for SDT Waste is in an expansion
mode. Magnolia Park is located across the street from the Ellen P. Nunez
Community College, the headquarters for SDT Waste, and is a five minute
drive to the NASA Michoud Assemby Facility."


Now, we all know the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility isn't even located in
St. Bernard Parish. It's located in Orleans Parish! That makes even more
"false" information provided to the LA Housing Financing Agency by Provident
Realty, all to get their way, and obtain $4,313,492.00 of Louisiana tax
credits to build these apartments.


Wow, they forgot the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's office! How could they
forget that? Oh, and what about the St. Bernard Parish School System? How
could they forget that? Don't these entities provide hundreds of jobs in St.
Bernard Parish? But...they didnt' forget to mention SDT Waste in these very
important tax credit documents ... who, by the way, according to SDT's own
website, has 160 employees.


Now, please note it is not my intention to target Sidney Torres, owner and
operator of SDT Waste. I don't personally know him, but I'm sure he is a
fine young man who does a fine job. It is, however, my intention to point
out my belief that his father, Sidney Torres, attorney, apartment site
property seller, and privileged member of the Meraux Foundation, in my
opinion, had his hands all over these tax credit documents and not only
personally sold property to Provident Realty on Virtue Street to build these
apartments, (directly behind the only funeral home in St. Bernard Parish),
but, it is also my belief that Mr. Torres also assisted in helping Provident
Realty obtain these LA tax credits which were necessary for Provident to be
able to build these apartments. In other words, Mr. Torres provided the land
upon which these apartments are being built, and he also, in my opinion,
assisted Provident Realty with obtaining the financing needed to build these

N.O.W. you know! s/Dana Arcement


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