[StBernard] check out transcript testimony fm Provident w/our elected officials

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Apr 12 16:41:16 EDT 2011

Sort of like the old adage: Those who gain by the apartment building - DIE
by the apartment building. (Jer, 2011).

"LOW INCOME APTS - St. Bernard Facts"

Jer Responds:

Indeed, nothing, absolutely nothing socially redeeming qualities can come
from mass housing developments. To the reverse, everything that can and
does come out of these "socially correct" apartments will be dysfunctional
to any intelligent, civilized community.

For someone once quoted: "For to know one, is to better understand one".
(Jer, 2011).

I've worked in apartments like these for 30 years. I've seen everything from
rats, to roaches on my arms as I knocked, to filth (human waste in unkempt
garbage cans) to killings, to vagrants, to unruly parties, to dysfunctional
families, friends and those who wish to come after the aforementioned.

While working the area, I once overheard a 10 year old or so tell another
his age: "We can kill or rob and nothing can be done to us--we can get away
with it!"

Is this atrocity what St. Bernard needs or wants or what New Orleans wants
and is worth fighting to attain!?

Indeed, the line is drawn and attention on either side will soon reach the
national (and perhaps more so, the "lame-stream media" (socialists) with the
propaganda tools at their discretion). Then all hell will break loose when
it's picked up media-wise, brought to the likes of Al Sharpton/Jackson, and
CNN who will torture the righteous for their firm beliefs in good and
wholesome living.

Then, each family will have to make very excruciating, serious choices as
overwhelmed righteous, community citizens. It's a heartbreaking fiasco.


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