[StBernard] Louisiana Activates Business Emergency Operations Center

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 11 08:03:19 EDT 2011


Louisiana Activates Business Emergency Operations Center

Businesses urged to register for Mississippi River flooding event

The Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center, or LA BEOC, an annex to
the State Emergency Operations Center, is now activated to prepare for
Mississippi River flooding and related impacts. Louisiana's businesses are
strongly encouraged to register with the LA BEOC portal -- www.labeoc.org
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voice in the state's preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

The LA BEOC provides timely and official information of importance to
registered businesses before, during and after a major event. This includes
notification of state and local decisions pertinent to business recovery and
employee safety. Registered businesses, in turn, can provide on-the-ground
intelligence related to the status of their business. By reporting problems
directly to the LA BEOC, businesses can help public sector officials
prioritize recovery operations.

Participation by state businesses of all sizes and from all sectors helps
government officials make informed decisions and speeds up the economic
recovery process. The LA BEOC also uses Louisiana businesses to fill
resource requests from the affected areas. A business must be registered on
the portal to communicate its ability to provide goods and services through
emergency disaster contracting mechanisms. While the LA BEOC connects
Louisiana companies to the state's emergency contracting processes, no
governmental agency can guarantee the utilization of any business during an
activation of the LA BEOC.

The LA BEOC represents the collaboration of Louisiana Economic Development,
the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the
University of Louisiana at Lafayette's National Incident Management Systems
and Advanced Technologies Institute, and LSU's Stephenson Disaster
Management Institute. During a disaster in Louisiana, the LA BEOC supports
the coordination of activities and resources for businesses and volunteer
organizations in Louisiana and across the nation. LA BEOC support of the
private sector will improve response and self-sufficiency and will reduce
reliance on FEMA and other federal assistance.

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