[StBernard] Proud to be white

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue May 31 08:34:39 EDT 2011

The difference between socialists and Conservative Americans is that
Conservatives are proud to be an American firstly, then they acknowledge
that through ancestry and genetics that they "happen to be white". I
believe in taking pride in being an American (up to the point that
"socialists" ruin it, of course). I then, take pride in being a 1st
generation Sicilian who happens to be considered a white, historically
certain Albanian-Arbereshe, as does James Belushi and Regis Philbin and
millions others.

So, I see no issue in loving who you are.

However, in many "sticks 'n stones" name-calling, it's a trivial matter.
I've been a Dago for as long as I can remember and not ashamed of being one.
Never have, never will and will laugh with the best and worst of them. Who
cares? I certainly don't!

There, said and done, and as usual--very in-politically correct (as compared
to very politically incorrect) and proud to be a part of that as well if
only because it upsets the politically and socialist correct scum-bags as
well. And the 3rd civil war (the first being the American Revolution, the
second being the war between the Confeds and the yankee-doodle dandys) will
most certainly be between the socialists and the AMERICANS.


Ah...like so many things we see on the net: not true.





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