[StBernard] SCAM: Phony malware alert!

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Jun 10 09:06:28 EDT 2011

It is absolutely imperative that you know what YOUR anti-virus and
anti-malware software is and can truly recognize it.

The cost of wiping a hard-drive of some of these infections is approaching
the point where it is now cheaper to just reinstall Windows from scratch.

What some of these viruses are doing now is hiding all of your documents and
deleting all of your shortcuts so that your Desktop and your Start Menu are

Much like going camping in the woods or having a night out in the French
Quarter, you need to be aware of the web sites you are visiting, the links
you are clicking on, and the emails you are reading. Don't let yourself be
"socially engineered" to click on a virus and allow it to install.

If you are suspicious about something, Alt-F4 is your friend. It will close
a program without you having to click on anything. Regardless of what
version of Windows you are using, have two user accounts: one standard and
one administrator. Use the standard account for everyday usage and only use
the administrator account to install programs (in the trade they call this
least privileged computing).

Finally, when in doubt, write down or take a picture of your screen with
your cell phone and turn your computer off using the power button (hold it
down for 4-5 seconds), then call your IT support person for help.


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Here's the latest internet scam. A phony malware alert supposedly from
Microsoft. Do NOT click to proceed with the recommended update or you're

Check out the recent story on this at PC World magazine online.

-John Scurich


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