[StBernard] Housing fight prompts racists to speak: Jarvis DeBerry

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jun 13 07:54:47 EDT 2011

This is old school bickering, name-calling and balderdash!

The term "nigger" (As in Negro meaning black in Spanish, the country of
Niger, etc), has been outdated as not to be referred solely as to racial
connotation. For doing the latter part of the 20th century (perceivably,
the 1960s and up until this day), the "sticks 'n stones' usage (not hate
speech as proposed by socialists, but old-fashioned name calling) usage has
gone beyond the use of race. It's been changed (much like the homosexuals
use purple, rainbows and the word gay proudly) as a negative connotation to
describe one who is of low-class, no-give-a-crap, inconsiderate, and other
terms to denigrate one's actions, activities or social embracement (as in
drug usage, gangs, crime or impropriety and inappropriateness).

Thus I've seen many whites, Hispanic and otherwise -- group or display their
actions in kind to be involved in such fashion. By the acceptance of
association (or association by guilt or grouping) we can honestly say that
low-life", non-proper actions of others help qualify other races and kind
into a pool of demonstrative name calling of the coined term, "nigger". A
black therefore is not the only social-economic grouping that is privileged
and labeled "nigger". In this manner, I've seen the calling of the word
"nigger" to include "poor white trash" (and not always poor by economic
tagging, but can include "rich" white trash who associate themselves into a
behavior befitting the name-calling. Thus it doesn't matter as to the color,
but the impropriety and inappropriateness of that individual to be
"collectively" included in the negative term. It's been in wide usage for
about 50 years (at least) to take a non-black and use negative terms to
apply to such actions of the perpetrator.

As to the passage of 150 years, it's easier to also use trite negative terms
to "Politically" and misuse of law as to outcry one's acceptance, in this
case, "he/she's a racist" and only refer to whites or people of "non-color".
(Or them vs. us!). In today's society, (especially in America and
historically post-civil war), name calling in any social circle (take for
example, a snooty rich woman decrying, "that bitc* or a homosexual decrying
the same word to describe another of its kind), socially-economic terms are
equally a null-and-void example of sexist talk of the same sex or nature.
Blacks have been calling each other "Nigger" for centuries, as well within
its sub-culture.

Therefore, as long as "race-baiting" and "equal hate" apply against. other
non-people of color by blacks to justify a means to an end of achieving
economic gains (lawsuits to achieve monetary rewards and a win-win
situation), the "lifespan of the equally hypocritical, ever omni-potent,
ever-lasting" term will grace pop culture and social culture, no doubt. For
it is an opportunity (in this case by socialists and non-whites such as
Jarvis DeBerry) to gain from his socialist aim of seeking punitive results
from his intervention. (some might consider his actions as "old fashioned

As long as these actions establish a life of its own, there will be no one
globally, ever--to bear witness of a great society. And in my humbled
opinion will never believe it will change otherwise. As Utopia never will be
established. Cultures and civilizations tend to diminish and fade into
oblivion firstly.


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