[StBernard] St. Bernard installs Automated Flushing Stations for water distribution system

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Jun 22 22:46:17 EDT 2011

St. Bernard installs Automated Flushing Stations for water distribution

St. Bernard Parish Government is pleased to announce that it has completed
installing 50 Automated Flushing Stations (AFS) throughout the parish water
distribution system working with the state Department of Health and
Hospitals and FEMA. These devices are needed due to the lower population and
lower than normal water usage that St. Bernard has experienced since
Hurricane Katrina. The flushing stations will eliminate ALL dead-end lines,
which is better for water quality throughout St. Bernard Parish. The unit
will automatically open and flush out water mains to help bring fresher
water to selected areas.

Carol Daigle, who was having water quality problems on Benjamin Street in
Arabi, was very instrumental in illustrating the problem by her vigilance
and working with St. Bernard Water Quality Superintendent Jacob Groby to
coordinate with state Department of Health and Hospitals and FEMA officials
to get this project completed. The stations located strategically in Arabi,
Chalmette, Meraux, Violet, Poydras and Kenilworth cost $190,000, which was
completely funded by FEMA.

"The flusher project is a great example of how one person can make a
difference in the rebuilding of our parish," St. Bernard Parish President
Craig P. Taffaro, Jr. said. "We are grateful for our partnerships with our
residents like Ms. Daigle and our FEMA and GOHSEP teams. The flushers help
move water through our system that used to be moved in normal household
usage. This is another example of St. Bernard leading the way in recovery
and growth activities."

"These flusher valves will improve the water quality by reducing the
delivery time from the plant to the residences," St. Bernard Parish District
A Councilman Ray Lauga said.

DHH officials were on hand for the ribbon cutting.

"I would like to thank Jake Groby for spearheading this and for doggedly
pursuing this," DHH Regional Engineer John Williams said. "The flusher
station should go a long way to improving the water quality."

"I can't even begin to say how great this is," said Carol Daigle as she
showed samples of water she gathered since Katrina showing how cloudy her
water was before the flushing stations were installed compared to how clear
the water is now.

These units have been installed in front of residences in the public
servitude where the parish's water main is located. These locations were
selected due to either having a dead end line or because the parish needed
to improve the movement of water throughout the area. The stations are tied
directly into the water main and the discharge is piped directly into the
subsurface street drain, so as not to inconvenience any homeowner. These
professionally installed units have been dressed off with a concrete pad so
it can be maintained. The AFS are weather proof and will last many years.

If you have any questions on these units, contact St. Bernard Water Quality
Superintendent Jacob Groby at (504) 271-1681.

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