[StBernard] History repeating itself?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jun 27 08:05:14 EDT 2011


I'm working on getting copyright info to secure the name of an organization
I want to form. It will be called The Noah Society. I'll bet from the name
alone you get the premise on which it is based. It's motto will be "Wisdom
equals Information and Preparation."


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Yep, I agree. There will always be events and milestones that appear to be
"eye-candy" to the perverse and degenerates who see God as a myth and His
laws as fables and kid's stories.

Yes, if history proves its self once again, the "destruction of the Romans
or Greets" will be revisited in the guise of "The Downfall of America"
through similar adaptations of Homosexuality, perverseness, idolatry and the
abolition of Capitalism (Capitalism, which was the glue of American

Those "teachers and leaders" (who were influenced by Godless wonders and who
teach the regurgitation) of our great REPUBLIC will have been the professors
and teachers to our youths and thus influential and to be held responsible
to the decadence of society.

As morality goes, does America and the world/Earth. For, we who are not
perfect are upstaged multiplicatively by those who are led by the "pied
pipers" of decadence.


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