[StBernard] The real story about Provident and St Bernard

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Jul 13 22:43:35 EDT 2011

Gene, I'd go a step further and say, "On the other hand, they are messing
with the RIGHT people.

There's no skirting the question: When "Village Square" was built it was an
immaculate piece of real estate with gorgeous and vibrant color apartments.
And if history is correct, the Federal Government "moved into" the area with
HUD, and "affordable housing" to give so-called "low income housing" a
chance. It failed miserably. The end result before Katrina was what
Provident and the Feds will do to the "NEW" - Village Sq. Part 2 apartments
around St. Bernard Parish and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

With certainty, it will become the area's latest slums and those who occupy
it will become part of the filthy, diseased, overcrowded and drug-infested,
crime ridden areas in the community. One would be lying to deny that history
will again repeat itself while those in power and in charge of financing it
will be securely locked behind beautiful gated, secure housing somewhere
else besides the low-middle income groups in St. Bernard Parish. Pitiful
display of government's corruption in action, as well.

--jer-- Ordinarily, a very positive person.

Hi Debby,

Thanks for telling it like it is. They are messing with the wrong people


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