[StBernard] Violet man gets 80 years for killing 2 men outside bar

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 1 08:57:50 EDT 2011

"I won't disagree with you on most points.' --Westley"

Jer quips: Woo hoo!

There's never a disagreement with victim's restitution getting the better

You just overdid me and bloodthirsty or not, Westley. I actually would give
my own life to see all of this happen. Really! And that goes back to my
statement similarly requesting an "eye-for-an-eye". Biblically, I respect
God's wishes about "judging", but inspirationally from him, I get an
interpretation to MY soul with him meaning/saying: "Do not judge
"UNJUSTLY". This means that we all judge each day in our lives. But it
applies to the 9th commandment: "Neither shalt thou bear false witness
against thy neighbor."

We should not wrongly judge. This is true because without truth there can
be no confidence in a neighbor (anyone), or trust in government (most I've
seen are so keenly corrupt. (Almost all are but for the fact, they have
either concealed their misdeeds greatly or the truth hasn't been revealed to
us). But that's another subject.

However, judging one wrongly is a most grievous sin because even as the
citizen's privilege of being a Juror in a case, we must judge--and judge not
only what we feel is righteous, but of moral fiber.

Therefore, deterrents are only feasible if they not only fit the crime, but
the punishment "fits" the victim/victims.

God would do so much more in punishment, we can surmise if what we get from
biblically-inspired words is as close to the truth as is related to us. And,
many of us trust the Word of God and his inspired holy writers. To many of
us as Christians we have learned to forgive (but Christ did not mention
about anyone forgetting the act and we shouldn't). Jesus said, "Render onto
Caesar what is Caesar's". We believe that to be "fair and non-corrupt
governments" as well because we can righteously agree that Caesar in
comparison is government or authority on earth which we use to not only give
fairness in finding fault, but fairness in dispensing guilt and punishment.

Yes, the liberal-socialists have created a mockery of our system by
"awarding" the criminal and not spending enough time and resources to punish
him. (Hence, the chain gangs, the just rewards, etc.). As a student of
criminology in my heyday, I've learned about the 90% recidivism rate (or the
percentage of criminal returns to prison life). Obviously, they find the
jailhouse a "retreat" or "piece of cake" via machismo attitudes. You know,
"da tough guy image" of I can take what you dish out. Upon returning from
the jailhouse to the real world, the privilege of returning back into
society is spat upon as a chance to really make some good dough (and
consequently bring down younger, more naïve small-potato criminals back with
them into the penal system.

Only a smaller percent (10% get to stay out and keep their noses clean for a
while). Therefore, the socialists have us to believe rehab works. It does
but to a minority of the group. And we all know how the Majority in our
society have to suffer for and from the "minorities" in our society, don't

We again, need real punitive actions to achieve our goals of emptying our
jails and putting the money back into our society's real concerns. The
distraction and diversion of crime (which will worse once minorities become
our majority, believe me) needs real action and that means punishment to fit
the crime.

I may think as an extremist, but who is more extreme to corruptness and
crime, but who is more conservatively extreme towards sin than God and we
all know, "Be Godlike" means something. It means truth, Justice and now--the
American Way. Time to get back to the real "basics".


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