[StBernard] St. Bernard Elections

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 30 08:24:08 EDT 2011


That was the point of one of my earlier emails.

Landry bailed on this list just because he didn't like the question about
the placement of one sign. If he can't handle that, how is he going to
handle being sheriff? Not every email on here deserves an answer. After
publicly joining the list, Landry should have just stated his case about the
signs and then ignored everything else about it. Instead, he cried like a
baby and left. No spine.

I don't go seeking out anyone. Sometimes I barely have time to go thru
emails, much less go seeking out any candidates. Anyone is free to join the
list. In fact, the only people banned from the list (and if they can't
figure out how to get around the ban they are more of an idiot than I give
them credit for) is one lawyer that had in office in East (can't remember
his name, but he was causing problems right after Katrina) and anyone using
an email address from Sidney Torres' office.


-----Original Message-----
Apparently they already have some Tasers and want some more.


And Westley, name me one *substantive* question regarding the sheriff's
position that was asked of Landry on this list? I don't include placement
of political signs as substantive as that seems to be an issue


Speaking of candidates, I was the one who talked to Wayne about subscribing
to this list so he could be available to answer any questions the
listmembers might have. Have you attempted to contact any of the other
candidates to make themselves available here, including your apparent choice
Barry Bernados? Pohlmann? Chad Clark?


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