[StBernard] Race for St. Bernard Sheriff turns ugly among two candidates

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 25 09:00:01 EDT 2011

A lovely piece of bullsh*t propaganda from StBernardFactor on nola.com or
also truestbernardian123 or starznrain. And its/hers/his posts get deleted
from nola.com

Ferncrest probably did have casualties with evacuating the elderly. It was
not until *after* Katrina/Rita that the state came up with requirements of
what had to be done with residents of nursing homes and the infirm.

*this* came about after Katrina and its horrors in Tx when a n.h. evacuated
for Rita:


and remember the nuns and Lafon n.h. in the east? They did not evacuate or
try to evacuate their residents:


Face it: as hard as it is to say, Katrina was a "lessons learned" for
nursing homes *and* hospitals.

* generators are elevated now
* fuel supplies are protected and above ground
* contracts are in place for the evacuation of the elderly or infirm both in
nursing homes and hospitals. Hell, the parish did not even have a plan
for this until after Katrina.

The press has been completely biased in favor of Wayne Landry who
has made
himself famous with his habit of sensationalistic headlines such as
raped BP", under his nose, after the fact, the press repeating the
story of
Cheryl Cannella, discredited years ago (see record of Arlene Soper
repeatedly disinheriting her, testimony of an Illinois notary of the
incident where Cannella coerces her mother to sign over power of
attorney to
the vast fortune), which the press conveniently forgot. As such you
give the
wild accusations validation of which NONE exists.Landry claims you
do not
need experience and touts his abilities as an "administrator". As
"administrator" he was responsible for Ferncrest Manor,
admissions at ferncrestmanor.com Wayne J. Landry, Administrator, taken
from AP
writer Mary Foster's backgrounder to the St. Rita story, .The first
of Katrina .. two elderly nursing-home residents ..died on a school
bus. A
3rd resident of.. Ferncrest died later.. 21 others were treated for
dehydration after riding buses that were not air conditioned, lacked
and had no certified nurses aboard. Wayne Landry as administrator of
Ferncrest has a consistent record of below state average care per
websites specializing in the compilation of ratings based on
Google Ferncrest Manor ratings, consistently 1.5, 1.8 out of 5 and
to change pattern" of below par inspections. You fail to mention
that under
WAYNE LANDRY, ADMINISTRATOR, only one nursing home in
N.O.,Ferncrest, faced
disciplinary action for conduct related to the storm. The Dept of
Health and
Hospitals revoked Ferncrest's operating license for "substantial
noncompliance with state standards."

-%0Adeaths/article/102472/> . Wayne Landry, as ADMINISTRATOR, is 1.8 out of
stars below par.Not unsubstantiated, wild sensationalist claims,
this is
Wayne Landry's poor RECORD as ADMINISTRATOR,verifiable.

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