[StBernard] Mike Bayham - Taking Credit Where None is Due

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Oct 6 08:52:06 EDT 2011

This is Bayham's latest newspaper ad. Does he really think people believe
he's responsible for all he claims credit for? Anyone who has ever worked
on a major project can tell you many people are involved in its planning and
execution. How shallow of him to try and take credit as if he was a "one
man show" of sorts. Besides, I can tell you for a fact that all that
post-Katrina grant money he claims to have gotten for the parish was coming
here automatically. Who does he think he is taking credit for all that?

And when it comes to attempts to get Congress to close the MRGO, in June of
2004 I attended the MRGO Symposium out at the Gulf Outlet Marina, sponsored
by the St. Bernard parish government. That event was orchestrated by John
Scurich, who at that time was an executive assistant to Junior. They had
the colonel form the Corps of Engineers, Mary Landrieu, Vitter, several
state and federal agencies, and several state legislators. They took all of
us out on the water to show them the damage caused by the MRGO. Following
that was a thorough presentation done by Professor John Grimm with
Multi-Quest International Research showing how little economic impact we
were getting out the MRGO. I recall John Scurich telling the crowd of
better than 150 the Symposium was a direct result of two previous visits he
and Junior made to Washington DC that year.

Mike Bayham was not seen at this event. I can't imagine what little, if
any, he had to do with the closure of the MRGO. But now that it's election
time, he appears to have been responsible for everything that's gotten done.
I think if Jesus returned for the second coming, Bayham would claim credit
for arranging it.



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