[StBernard] Heroes of Katrina: Radio Blog Show TONIGHT, Oct. 6, 7 pm -- St. Bernard Parish: The elections and the candidates

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Heroes of Katrina: Radio Blog Show TONIGHT Thurs., Oct. 6 at 7 p.m.

St. Bernard Parish: The elections and the candidates

Welcome to the Books of Excellence: Heroes of Katrina blog radio show-St.
Bernard Parish. The Elections and Candidates. Call into the show at (347)
308-8613. Call in or 'log in' Thursday, October 6th at 8 p.m. eastern and 7
p.m. central time.

St. Bernard Parish is has elections for key positions coming up on October
22. It is a vital time for the people of the parish and we are committed to
extending our $0.02 on the matter.

We have good candidates for Sherriff and good candidates for Parish
President.Let's talk about it.let's talk about them...and get the record
straight.Some qualify and some do not.Let's talk about it.Let's generate
discussion.Let's get 'er done!

We'd like to discuss the qualities of the various candidates and in a
factual and logical way.politics aside.We hope you call in to give your

Please join us for what will be an awesome show.

Author Cary Black recently released his epoch novel of American heroism
called Katrina: A Freight Train Screamin'. The book tells the real story of
the worst natural disaster to hit the United States. It chronicles the
stories of the people who were on the ground savings lives, the people who
were reaching out to rescue the millions of abandoned animals, and the
people who survived and heroically came back, dug in, and rebuilt their
lives from the chaos.

The book tells these peoples stories in a way that makes the reader realize
how far reaching the depth of this tragedy was. But his intent was not to
just tell the story of the magnitude and extent of destruction Katrina
caused -it was to show the bravery of the everyday people who live in the
Gulf Coast area.


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Cary Black

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