[StBernard] Chemical release from Chalmette leaves foul smell in metro

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Tue Oct 11 09:16:42 EDT 2011

Chemical release from Chalmette leaves foul smell in metro

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New Orleans -- A plant problem at the Chalmette Refining facility has
resulted in a leak of sulfur-based chemicals into the air, spreading quickly
west from St. Bernard Parish to parts of the city and nearby communities.

Several viewers, primarily from the West Bank, called FOX 8 to describe a
powerful, rotten eggs-like smell Monday evening. FOX 8 confirmed with an
official at Chalmette Refining that the refinery had leaked what he
described as a small amount of two chemicals: sulfur dioxide and hydrogen

A shift supervisor at the refinery says the discharge happened after the
sulfur plant there lost a supply of oxygen late Monday. The official
insisted that most of the chemical release is being burned before it reaches
the air.

The remainder appears to have been carried by strong winds west, away from
Chalmette and toward such neighborhoods as Algiers, Terrytown and Belle

Chalmette Refining insists that the release should not cause any long-term
problems but acknowledges that the smell is very unpleasant. The on-site
supervisor says the state Department of Environmental Quality is involved in
dealing with the situation.

FOX 8 will provide more details on this chemical release as soon as they
become available.

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