[StBernard] a message to all concerned citizens -- what urks YOU? Council Agenda - Tues Nov 17 sign in 630 to speak starts 7pm

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Nov 15 08:06:20 EST 2011

Hi Everyone
First, I want to urge everyone of you that have a concern in your area to
show up at the council meeting and make your problems known. You must sign
in 1/2 hr prior to the meeting, 6:30. I don't think my area is the only one
plagued with similar problems and with all the promises from our parish
officials, committees and our sheriff's office I've not see improvements
but rather the increase of problems. They might seem minuscule but when all
are combined it is overwhelming.

As I write this I so full of anger with my "Quality of Life" and a number of
issues that are actually making me regret the sweat and emotional sacrifice
I have given to come home.

I live in Buccaneer Villa South, District A, and this weekend basically
brought me both anger and tears. Maybe it all built up but this is what my
weekend was like.

- As I walk my I continue to look at unfinished houses owned by local
"connected" individuals even after many attempts to either have them move
forward or have them demolished. These are owned for profit and resale or
rental and apparently do not have to follow the same rules as me or you. I
had a timeline and procedure.

-Increase of Section 8 rental property, again owned by "profit takers",
mostly local, who couldn't sell and have no regard for the rest of us.
Can't sell it - rent it. Who cares about the people that actually live in a
"residential" neighborhood. After all, "you" live elsewhere. The longer the
houses sit on the market, the more rentals we have.

-The third occurrence of the same pit bull charging kids and anyone in the
area. The second occurrence was met with another warning only and of course
the negligent owner did not comply. As I write this I don't know if the dog
will be out again with the kids at the bus stop. Seems no one can give me
any information on the outcome after the sheriff's deputy and animal control
came out -- that is someone even answers the phone. What will it take for
the 4th time?

-Just got finished sweeping up glass from vodka bottle on the side street
and beer bottles in front. My neighbor just picked up two hypodermic needles
in her yard before cutting the grass.

-Vehicles using the neutral ground for parking, Looks like Claiborne Ave by
the I10 overpass - in spite of signs police say they cannot enforce. Huh?

-5th vehicle just blew past the 4 way stop, estimated speed 40mph+. Got some
neglected kids in the area who roam the streets from sun up to sundown and
never look. Police have made stops on rare occasions but are gone in minutes
- no tickets.

-inconsistency in LLT sales - some denied owning 3 adjacent lots yet others
are being allowed to fence in the servitudes which go from Jean Lafitte to
Creely and access the Entergy transformers. Again, special treatment for
certain people - thanks to the HRQL committee and those members.

Oh there goes another renter pushing a grocery basket down the street.
Another basket is in the front yard of another.

The Section 8 renters with the three shoeless hungry kids that roam the
neighbor almost 24/7 just got drunk again and cops had to be called to the

QUALITY OF LIFE??? I think not.

This is a failure of the sheriff's office, the council and the HRQL
committee combined and it needs to be known.

And the apartments haven't even opened yet.

PS - I'm writing this AFTER I calmed down.

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