[StBernard] All St. Bernard votes will count

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 20 11:42:32 EST 2011

All St. Bernard votes will count

Reported by: Lee Zurik, Anchor/Chief Investigative Reporter Email:
lzurik at fox8tv.net

Print Story Published: 11/19 4:28 pm Share Updated: 11/19 4:35 pm
CHALMETTE, La.-The St. Bernard Parish Board of Election Supervisors will
allow all votes in today's election to count.

Fifty five votes were challenged by the Wayne Landry Campaign for Sheriff
with evidence that the voters no longer live in St. Bernard Parish.

A representative from the Attorney General's office says the law is clear -
you must vote where you have a homestead exemption.

The AG's office says a Displaced Voter law passed after Katrina doesn't
allow former St. Bernard residents who have homestead exemptions in other
parishes to continue voting in St. Bernard.

But the AG's office says it's too late to challenge those votes. The AG's
office says the Board of Election Supervisors couldn't throw out these votes
between the Primary and Runoff Election, so the votes will count.

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