[StBernard] An explanation to LSU's embarrassing loss to Bama - and it makes sense!

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jan 16 08:42:36 EST 2012

This one is growing legs. Dandy Don, who has the most read "inside LSU"
blog says his sources say it's true. Read:

This does appear to add up. The truth (maybe) emerges... (Posted on 1/12/12
at 7:59 p.m.) I just heard this from a friend with ties to the LSU athletic
department. I am not sure if it is true or not but a lot of the pieces fit.
Apparently about 3 hours before the game T-Bob and Russell Shepard 2 other
receivers and a hand full of linemen got into a heated argument with Les
Miles and the Offensive Coordinator about Lee getting more playing time and
possibly starting the BCS Championship game. It got so heated that Miles
benched T-Bob and RS and 3 other players. He called Lee into his office and
told Lee that he would not be playing in the game. The OC told Miles that he
thought that Lee gave the team the best chance to win the game. Miles told
the OC to start looking for a new job after the game and Miles will be
calling the plays for the championship game. Apparently the O Line sided
with T-Bob and Lee and did not give their all in the game to prove to Miles
that the players are more important then the coach. Now I know that this is
hard to believe but when you look at some things it kind of explains a few
things: I will list some. Read option pass on 3rd and 10, 4 times. Running
the same 5 plays over 90% of the game. Horrible play calling. Running the
ball in the 4th quarter down by 21. T-Bob not taking a snap. RS only playing
3 snaps and not touching the ball or getting looked at. Lee getting off the
bus and walking 10 feet behind the team with his head down and looking
dejected. Heated argument between receivers and JJ and O Line with O line
coach on sidelines. And the kicker, reports that 2/3rds of the plays
practiced were not run and the players were not told why. Again I do not
know if this is entirely true but there seems to be a lot of truth in it
just by seeing what happened."

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