[StBernard] beer brewery supposedly proposed for Chalona neighborhood

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 6 08:56:19 EST 2012

SJK: do you know if any of the land that was purchased has wetlands on it?

SJK: do you know who those two officials are?

Also, if it's R1 how can they build apts on it? And, would these new owners
have to get a zoning change for the brewery? How could it go to heavy

No, there are no wetlands, no signs in fauna and flora, to my knowledge,
this is a natural clay ridge.

Yes, I personally heard it from one. As for the other, I have heard who it
was from two very credible people.

No, apts cannot be constructed on R1. They would need R3 or maybe
commercial, sorry, I am not sure, because the council changed the ordinances
for multi unit apartments and I don't know what type of apartments would be
applied for. Doubles/duplexes require R2.

To Go to heavy industrial, would reapply after obtaining the commercial.
sort of deceptive, kind of revealing that for right now he only wants
commercial past the prohibited 250 feet from the highway (Chapter 22 Sec
22-4) and lacks a submitted site plan (SPBC Ordinance 1213 09-10), lacks a
traffic study, a way for a fire truck to make its way back to this site,
lacks drainage, etc. It's deceptive because the residents are being told
this is only for a commercial zoning application. Once that R1 is changed,
it's gone and once it's Industrial, any thing goes.

Here, someone purchased property with existing residential-zone "R1" in an
established neighborhood but insists commercial development is not only
appropriate, but also indicates if future tenants need industrial zoning,
than a subsequent application for industrial zoning will be forthcoming. Not
exactly enough information for the residents to be fully informed to
participate in the decision making process. And they wonder why the
neighborhood is enraged?

Suzanne Kneale
SJRKneale at aol

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