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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 2 10:56:10 EDT 2012

Letter to the Editor
missed opportunity

Murphy Oil's Meraux refinery was found guilty of 21 violations of the Clean Air Act in Federal Court in a citizen's enforcement action filed by the neighborhood association "Concerned Citizens Around Murphy." Before going to trial on another 100 plus alleged violations, a settlement was reached. The EPA Consent Decree with Murphy Oil, now owned by Valero Refining, requires a Flare Gas Recovery System, pollution reductions, emissions monitoring, and public forums with the people of St. Bernard Parish.

“Concerned Citizens” do not convene at Valero’s Public Meetings, are not required to attend, and have requested several times Valero stop use of the association’s name or similar names.

Unfortunately, Valero continues to advertise the public meetings as "Meraux Refinery Meeting with Concerned Citizens Around Murphy" or, "Meraux Refinery Meeting with Concerned Citizens Around Meraux". This is misleading and misses an important opportunity.

As Valero considers planning its own hydrogen plant, expansion of the hydrocracker, and relocation of its Administration Building, now is the time for Valero to be a good neighbor, appropriately notice the Public Meetings, and engage the community in discussions about the offsite effects of its plant.

Concerned Citizens Around Murphy
Suzanne Kneale, Officer


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