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When I was about 9 years old I asked my Dad; " Is Castro a good or bad guy?
" Dad said...I don't know yet !! This was about 1956. We were still living
in Cuba ... at the time and life rocked on.

Some Cubans were asking the same question I did! Ike Eisenhower was
president, and the US press viewed Castro as a modern Robin Hood fighting
against a tyrant on behalf of "The Cuban people"

Last July 4, I had a summer barbecue with several neighbors and friends; it
was a very mixed group. Our dinner conversation was different than most, you
see, I came to the United States as a young boy in 1959.

My family was more fortunate than most, as my Dad saw the light early in
1957 and was able to transfer some assets to the USA prior to the Castro
take over in January of 1959.

As it usually happens at gatherings, the subject matter drifted to a simple
discussion about our country; and the direction it has taken since Barack
Obama came to power.

Although I had guests from all sides of the political spectrum in
attendance, we all shared concerns over the recent changes evolving since
the Obama administration took hold; the economy, government intervention in
business, unemployment, foreign policy, the wars, government
misadministration of funds, taxes, etc.

Then I said; " You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a
Communist "! " Yes, we all thought he was a patriot, a nationalist. Before
the revolution he didn't sound like a radical. "
Most guests looked at me quizzically?? (except the Cubans in

The comparison at this point was easy, and one of my American guests
interjected, "an ideology like Barack Obama ? " I responded; " Yes, just
like Barack Obama. "

At that time in Cuba " We were all shocked as the government just continued
to grab more power. First they said the revolution is over, so please turn
in your guns. We all complied, they disbanded the Police and the military,
the established citizens committees "

I remember most people saying after it started; " Castro will only
nationalize some of the big industries. " He will never come and take our
family business." But that is exactly what happened!
Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they
eventually came and knocked on the door of every small business owner. Some
had run their businesses for generations. They said "We are intervening this
business for the good of country and the revolution" now you work for us.

And later, as they consolidated their control... And by the way, that nice,
large four-bedroom home you own...it is now our property also, "you have no
need to own any personal real estate, the revolution will take care of its
followers, all real property is hereby owned by the state" ...you can move
yourself and five children into two rooms of the house, because others are
moving in with you. "

The lessons I learned firsthand as a Cuban forced out of my country because
I needed to be free, is a lesson most Americans refuse to hear. The Boston
Tea Party is a thing of the past.. Its only history,.. It cannot happen
again in our country!

If you had asked just three years ago if we thought General Motors would be
nationalized, we would have never believed it.. We could never contemplate a
country where the rule of law, the most fundamental building block of a
justice society would be evaporating, just like it did in Castro's Cuba in
the early 1960's.

** The basic principal of Capitalism has been trampled with bailouts of
unheard of proportions, utilizing the same rationale used in the Castro
doctrine "for the good of the country"

** The bondholders of GM are simply stripped of their assets...without due
process by the government! And now the government owns stock in a major
sector of our economy. "for the good of the country"

** The government has taken over the banking business; again "for the good
of the country"

** Our governing class, elected to serve the people have placed themselves
in a separate class of their own; self empowered and unaccountable even to
their own rules.

** Governmental leaders are bribed in full daylight...only to have all
investigation of the crimes stifled...by the Attorney General.

** The U.S. borders are over run with crime and illegal activity, and the
leaders in D.C. act as if it is important to protect the
lawbreakers....while the innocent are killed and over run.

** When local communities attempt to enforce the law, they are
ridiculed...and threatened as racists and bigots. They are sued by the very
administration entrusted with enforcing the law.

** Wake up America..Without the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution is a

Without the rule of law, guided by our constitutional intent our beloved
America is swiftly becoming a country where only the well connected and
politically powerful will be safe and prosper.

If you do not believe me just remember this:

. 6 million plus Jews didn't believe it would happen in Germany ,

. 6 million Cubans thought; "it was time for a change, anyone but Batista"

. 30 Million Venezuelans said "Not happening here, this is Venezuela"

. 142 Million Russians could not believe it either !!!

. If you're one of the 151 million Christians in these United States of
America, you're next on the list.

The only way this problem can be fixed, is by massive citizen action.
YOU need to act NOW get involved:

. Demand through your vote, accountability from your politicians,

. Demand that they govern themselves by the same standards they impose on

. Demand the prosecution of all politicians found breaking the rules,

. Demand that Congress and the President enact viable budgets annually,

. Demand a balanced budget amendment,

. Demand that any area of the government operating in deficit be reviewed
and the deficiencies be corrected, and all culprit directors be removed and
or prosecuted.

. Demand term limits without re-election for all elected political

. Demand an end to unsupervised and fiscally unbalanced entitlements,

. Demand an end to "Tenure" in any government job, including the Supreme

. Demand an end to all government unions,

. Demand "Tort Reform" make all Judges and Attorneys liable for merit less

. Vote out of office all incumbents that have used the system for personal

. Stop supporting all media and businesses that protect and or promote a
"Socialist / Progressive / New World Order / Communist"

. Read, become informed, view both sides of the argument before you decide,
then vote.

I managed to make it to the U.S. Unfortunately we do not have anyplace to
escape to. The USA is the last bastion of Democracy and civil liberty!

Do not believe for one minute that, it could never happen here!


May God save the United States of America!

Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly,forgive!
quickly and Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll).

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