[StBernard] Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann takes the oath of office

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Wed Jul 4 18:47:29 EDT 2012

Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann takes the oath of office

Updated: Jul 01, 2012 11:47 PM CDT
Written by: Evan Anderson - email

Chalmette, LA - Sunday, newly elected St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jimmy
Pohlmann takes the oath of office. Pohlmann replaces long time Sheriff Jack
Stephens who served 28 years as sheriff.

"I'm excited, it's been a long haul. I've been working with the sheriffs
department for 29 years, and I still have the same passion coming to work
everyday. I enjoy the job that I do. As long as I can come to work every
day, and love my job, I'm going to be here for a long time," said Pohlmann.

Pohlmann says he will continue the work on fighting crime in the parish
while building on key initiatives already in place.

"We have a big initiative to fighting drugs, including getting out there,
and bringing the fight to the streets, and also having a big emphasis in
drug education, in the school systems, and trying to get help for drug
addicts that's out there," said Pohlmann.

Pohlmann says he plans to continue training efforts, doubling the size of
his training units, and improving the level of professionalism. Back in
November, it was a hot, and contentious battle for the office, with opponent
Wayne Landry.

"It was a tough race, we fought hard, and we knew that people would get it
right, I think people trust and respect the sheriffs department, and I know
the sheriffs department trust and respects our community," said Pohlmann.

"My expectations are very high about the new administration and Sheriff
Pohlmann," said former St. Bernard Parish Sheriff, Jack Stephens.

Stephens served seven terms in office, making him one of Louisiana's longest
serving sheriffs.

"The key to longevity; do the job, take care of the mission, and the primary
mission in this office is the suppression of crime. If you can do a good job
at that, and catch the guys who do commit the crime, people are going to be
appreciative of that, and turn to the office," said Stephens.

"It's going to be a whole new attitude here, and I'm excited about it, I
can't wait to get to work," said Pohlmann.

Also sworn in at today's ceremony, new clerk of court Randy Nunez. He
replaces Lena Torres, who also served nearly three decades in the position.

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