[StBernard] St. Bernard Parish councilmen and staff to discuss audit and potential new fees

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 7 18:08:49 EDT 2012

They cannot seem to make up their minds what the tax, ooops, I mean what the
Fees are for and offer little accountability for their reasons, which range
from newly constructed facilities to an overstaffed government. Sounds like
furloughs and pay cuts should be considered, and seems as they are just
throwing ideas around without a clear plan.

According to the T/P article this morning, the amount keeps changing, too,
from $55 a month based on 14,700 households (note: per household, not per
businesses and households) to $27.51 per household.
They also reportedly attribute the largest shortfall to the fire department,
which might get a grant renewal anyway.

The ordinances need to be introduced in the language that the final vote
will be taken on. Introducing three alternatives and then changing all of
them in the process looks more like bait and switch than sound fiscal

"" Chief Administrative Officer Jerry Graves has said water and sewer fee
increases may be necessary since many newly constructed facilities have led
to greater expense. "" So? what newly constructed facilities? is this for
the water plant expansion and the Munster sewerage plant consolidation? or
is this for Val Reiss, Torres Park and the over-paid departments?

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