[StBernard] Heart of Chalmette Neighborhood Association will meet Nov. 15: Chalmette Matters

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Heart of Chalmette Neighborhood Association will meet Nov. 15: Chalmette
By Becca Chapman

Sometimes just a simple greeting as you go get your morning paper will help
you better get to know your neighbor. On Thursday, Nov. 15, the Heart of
Chalmette Neighborhood Association will hold its monthly meeting at 7
p.m.The group is inviting residents interested in becoming members to

St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta will speak.

At the meeting, members will discuss the details of the group's upcoming
social. Association President Raymond Dauterive said the social will be "for
everyone in and outside the neighborhood."

Dauterive said the association, which has about 30 members, recently held at
Night Out Against Crime gathering. Members also recently planted flowerbeds
under street signs all over the parish. In addition to these types of
service projects, the Heart of Chalmette association also holds Bunco and
Christmas parties and presents Garden of the Month awards. Dauterive
encourages residents to join the group.

"You get a chance to meet people in the neighborhood," he said. "Since the
storm, we are fighting to get that close knit feel back again. Where
everyone knows each other and looks out for one another."

Dauterive also recognizes the power a community has when it comes together.

"You have a bigger voice," he said. "If you have a problem on the street you
won't stand alone."

The Heart of Chalmette Neighborhood Association is a nonprofit organization
bounded by Paris Road, West Judge Perez and Packenham drives and the
40-Arpent Canal. Yearly dues are $50.

For more information, call Dauterive at 504.812.5757.

Becca Chapman writes about Chalmette. She can be reached at
chalmettematters at gmail.com or 504-481-6516.

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