[StBernard] Fighting Big PhRMA and watching SCOTUS on "Pay for Delay"

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Dec 13 19:45:21 EST 2012


The Supreme Court recently announced that it would hear three cases on the practice of "pay for delay." This term refers to the practice of big, brand name drug companies paying generic drug companies to agree to delay taking their cheaper medicines to market.

As you can imagine, PhRMA and the big drug lobby wants to keep this current uncompetitive practice going. Donate $5 or anything you can offer to help me push for free market reforms that will lower prescription drug costs <http://www.2dialog.com/vitter/t/l/331/h/8bf0> .

Less generic drugs on the market creates less competition for the brand name drugs, which ultimately halts free market pressures to naturally lower the cost of prescription drugs for Louisiana consumers.

And like you, I don't plan on putting all my faith in the wisdom of the Supreme Court. That's why I'm also leading an effort in the Senate to pass legislation that does the very same thing: break up the PhRMA monopoly on a legal loophole they're leveraging to their financial advantage.

The big drug lobby, PhRMA, spent a lot of money and worked hand-in-hand with the president to force Obamacare into law. Don't let them use their Washington inside advantage to inflate drug prices on the backs of Louisiana seniors. Help me fight back with any donation you can offer <http://www.2dialog.com/vitter/t/l/332/h/8bf0> .

My FAIR GENERxICS Act would close the big drug lobby's cash cow loophole, while still preserving the integrity of the goals of the original laws governing these patents' affordability, competition, and innovation.

As the burdens and costs of Obamacare continue to reveal themselves in the coming years, generic drug reform is just another example of how targeted, small bills that address big problems are always better solutions than massive, thousand page bills stuffed with unintended (or intended but unpopular) consequences.


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