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Then, unprompted by me, Veronique described what she saw: "We all saw how
beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that
rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it
was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His
jaw was blown away. I just want people to know the ugliness of it so we
don't talk about it abstractly, like these little angels just went to
heaven. No. They were butchered. They were brutalized. And that is what
haunts me at night."


There were certain things Veronique wanted for Noah's funeral. She felt that
his body had suffered too many indignities already; she was adamant that he
not be autopsied. She wanted him to be buried with a Jewish prayer shawl and
with a clear stone with a white angel inside - an "angel stone" - in each of
his hands. Veronique was only able to put the stone in his right hand
because the left was "not altogether there," she told me, crying for the
first time in our interview. She asked the funeral director to put the other
one in the left hand spot. "I made him promise and he did."

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Why the 2nd Amendment
By Walter E. Williams

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