[StBernard] Truthful bumper sticker liberals hate

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Feb 24 10:12:17 EST 2013

A recently seen bumper sticker read:

"If capitalism is so bad, then why in

the Soviet Union did you have to

stand in line all day for toilet paper?"

Many in the U.S. today, especially people age 40 and under think this can
never happen here. As one 35 year old was recently said to me, "next thing
you'll say is we'll have to one day ration gasoline and wait in long lines
for that, right?" Oh what a pity the young have so little knowledge of
things that have taken place during their own lifetime. And that's
precisely what today's liberals and progressives in government (i.e. Obama,
the Democratic party) want - today's younger generation being clueless as to
the distinct possibility of history repeating itself. Otherwise, if they do
learn of such history, that could discourage them from voting for liberal

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