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"You may not be able to save all children but some will be served."

That's the issue. Only some will be served at the cost of many.

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Jindal Weekly Update

The end of Governor Jindal's week brought good news on the job front. New
numbers out today show that Louisiana employment levels have grown by nearly
30,000 jobs over the past 12 months and the state has experienced 31
consecutive months of private sector job growth. Governor Jindal also
participated this week in an education forum with former Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice where she praised the Governor for his work to provide more
school choice for parents.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor's Week:

The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Reported
16&digest=13x4UAwiMOfV0%2bBxYjm1hw&sysid=1> That Louisiana Employment Grew
By Nearly 30,000 Over The Past 12 Month Period And Private Sector Employment
Has Hit A Record High After Adding Jobs For 31 Consecutive Months.
Louisiana's total nonfarm employment grew by 29,600 jobs in the 12 months
ending March to a total of 1,944,200 jobs, federal figures released Friday
show. A survey of Louisiana employers by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
found the state's private employers continued to add jobs for the 31st
consecutive month.

Governor Jindal Appeared
16&digest=rvFA7%2bKiEaSQ2PyGri2WqA&sysid=1> At An Education Summit In Baton
Rouge With Former Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice. Former Secretary of
State Condoleezza Rice touted Gov. Bobby Jindal's efforts to reform
Louisiana's school before an audience of educators, business leaders and
government officials attending the Education Reform Summit on Wednesday. The
summit focused on improving education in Louisiana. "Education is the way to
upward mobility," Rice said during a discussion moderated by journalist
Campbell Brown. "I believe education is the key to the core of our

* Rice and Jindal also discussed the importance of providing school
choice for parents in failing school systems
16&digest=2nOUJbxyLZaBjpCKVlX3dw&sysid=1> , and Rice voiced her support for
recent state reforms that moved toward rewarding teachers for student
achievement. "The important thing is to let folks know we're committed to
these reforms," Jindal said.

Governor Jindal And Secretary Rice Called
16&digest=93heAa5u4MugWy0eGaOB7Q&sysid=1> for A Sense Of Urgency In
Improving Education Quality Along With Giving Parents More Of A Choice.
Jindal said an improved education system is the key to making the United
States the tops in economic development. "It doesn't sound very American to
say we are No. 17, we are No. 25," he said. "We have to have a sense of
urgency," Jindal added. . . . Parents with financial means can find good
schools, while those from poor families are left behind, Rice said. "So give
parents some choice," she said. "You may not be able to save all children
but some will be served."

Governor Jindal Announced
16&digest=712kP6CJjQSQIRUZnO4GDQ&sysid=1> That Dyno Nobel Will Build A
Billion Dollar Plant In Jefferson Parish Which Will Create 65 Permanent Jobs
And 750 Construction Jobs. The firm's decision to build the new plant in
Jefferson Parish comes almost a year after Dyno Nobel said it would conduct
a $30 million feasibility study of the site. State officials said the new
plant will create 65 permanent jobs with annual salaries averaging $55,700,
and will help retain 441 jobs at Cornerstone.


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