[StBernard] ICYMI: Bobby Jindal - Obama's woes flow out of big government philosophy

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Tue May 28 08:53:53 EDT 2013

Obama's woes flow out of big government philosophy

Obama's woes flow out of big government philosophy
By Gov. Bobby Jindal

The latest problems with the IRS witch hunt, the seizure of phone records
from The Associated Press, the conflicting Benghazi stories and disastrous
attempts to enforce Obamacare may all seem unrelated, but they are not.

Each of these events is the direct byproduct of two central philosophies of
the Obama administration -- the massive expansion of the size and power of
the federal government and a lack of trust in the American people.

These scandals were bound to happen. In fact, it was inevitable, and there
will be more. President Obama has grown the size, the scope, the debt and
the power of the federal government to such irresponsible proportions that
problems like these are an inevitable result.


The scandals cut at the core ideology of the Obama presidency. Indeed, these
issues aren't just the failure of an individual, but the failure of a system
in which liberals put too much trust in big government.

Look at liberalism across every issue, from healthcare to energy to
spending, and one thing is crystal clear: Liberals don't believe in the
dynamic and transformative power of freedom. Bigger government and more
power in the hands of a few means the interests of the public will be

Many are wondering aloud if these scandals will tarnish Obama's legacy or
weaken his presidency or cause his popularity to drop. Some of that will
probably occur, but it's not the ever-charming Obama who will suffer the
most from these scandals. No, fortunately the biggest loser here will be the
paternalistic big government liberalism that Obama has foisted upon us.

We need leaders who have more confidence in the American people, and more
skepticism for big government. Maybe we can get Clinton to pronounce the
second end of the era of big government? It's time for Big Brother to be put

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