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Sat Jul 6 12:08:12 EDT 2013

Jindal Weekly Update

Governor Jindal finished an exciting week continuing to make stops on his 64
parish tour of Louisiana along with attending a rally to fight for religious
freedom from the federal government. At the rally, Governor Jindal stood in
solidarity with the Bossier Sheriff who is fighting back against the federal
government cancelling funding for a youth program because it allows for
expressions of prayer. This week also brought good news for Louisiana
schools with the announcement that high school proficiency scores have
continued to improve this year.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor's Week:

Governor Jindal Was Proud To Attend
16&digest=Gtjn%2bLRxYNupZTqyp29pjg&sysid=1> An "In God We Trust" Rally On
July 4th To Express His Support For A Louisiana Sheriff Who Is Opposing The
Federal Government's Efforts To Shut Down His Youth Program Because It
Allows For Voluntary Prayer. During today's In God We Trust rally in
Bossier City, Governor Bobby Jindal didn't hide his disapproval with the
Justice Department reportedly pulling funding from the Bossier Parish Young
Marines after Sheriff Julian Whittington refused to remove religious
language from the program. Jindal slammed Washington, claiming it was
intruding on the religious freedoms of Louisianans. "This isn't just a
$30,000 grant from the federal government. This isn't just a department of
justice picking on one sheriff or one group of kids," said Jindal. "This is
Washington, D.C. assaulting our rights and our freedoms. And we have to draw
a line in the sand, and say 'no retreat' at some point."

Governor Jindal Said,
16&digest=sulxoKeaMzMlVGkRj6RxzQ&sysid=1> "The Federal Government Is
Treating Prayer As If It Is Something You Can Catch, As If It's Contagious."
Joined by hundreds of area residents pledging support and donations, Gov.
Bobby Jindal said he stands behind Whittington and called for the Department
of Justice to restore all funds to the program. "The federal government is
treating prayer as if it is something you can catch, as if it's contagious,"
Jindal said. "There are many things I worry about when it comes to my three
children, but never have I worried they were getting too much prayer."
Jindal said it was time to take a stand against an apparent breach of
constitutional rights.

* Watch Video Of Part Of Governor Jindal's Speech Here:

Continuing On His 64 Parish Tour, Governor Jindal Visited Jennings To Honor
Louisiana Veterans
16&digest=J4%2f%2bBrh0jJNulldX5otK4A&sysid=1> , Hand Out Medals To
Louisianians Who Served In Our Military, And Celebrate July 4th. To Honor
Gov. Bobby Jindal handed out the Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal to some
worthy recipients Wednesday. The governor presented the honors to veterans
at the Southwest Louisiana War Veterans Home in Jennings. "We don't have to
wait for occasions like the Fourth of July to honor our veterans," Jindal
told the crowd attending the event. Veterans who sustained a wound in battle
also received an honor medal designated by a silver star and a purple
ribbon. Families of veterans who were killed in action received an honor
medal designated by a gold star and a gold ribbon.

The Louisiana Department Of Education Announced That Louisiana High School
Student Proficiency Scores Continue To Improve
16&digest=Bf9yniFwAK2IWB453mwmnQ&sysid=1> , With Scores Up A Remarkable 16
Points Since The 2008-09 School Year. Louisiana Scores on Louisiana's
end-of-course exams, which determine whether students can graduate from high
school, improved slightly in 2012-13 . Overall, 59 percent of students
scored good or excellent on the six subject exams, a four-point increase
from 2012. Proficiency rates have gone up 16 points from 2008-09, when the
state introduced the first two end-of-course exams. "Louisiana students
should be incredibly proud of this improvement," state Superintendent John
White said in a statement Tuesday.

* High School Student Proficiency Scores Improved
16&digest=jtLvYeu8MfI1GhG5t6A2bQ&sysid=1> By 4 Percent Compared To The Last
Round Of Tests In 2011. Statewide, high school students' proficiency
improved 4 percent compared to the last round of tests in December 2011 and
May 2012. Fifty-nine percent of students across the state were proficient
compared to 55 percent in the last round. "Our educators and families have
made it a priority that students master fundamental skills in high school,
ultimately preparing our kids for college or a career," State Superintendent
John White said in a prepared statement.

Governor Jindal Was Quoted In A Washington Post
16&digest=Lyhy83Hsx0io7h2yMHjhaw&sysid=1> Article Saying The Obama
Administration Decision To Delay Implementation Of The Employer Mandate In
Obamacare Should Raise Fundamental Questions About The Viability Of The Law
And Called On The Law To Be Repealed. But Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R),
a longtime critic of the act [Obamacare], argued that the administration's
decision on the employer mandate raises more fundamental questions about the
viability of the law. "This is not just a tactical retreat," he said in a
telephone interview. "It is such a complicated law with so many unintended
consequences, the only solution is to repeal the law and do a bipartisan
[replacement]." Jindal said that, at a minimum, the administration should
now delay implementation of the individual mandate, as well. "Why should
businesses get relief but not individuals also get relief?"


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