[StBernard] Making it Work Better

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Mar 28 09:43:35 EDT 2014

Dear Friend-

Four years ago, our country took a group of ideas from conservative and
progressive doctors, insurance companies and think tanks to address one of
the most defining economic and moral challenges of our generation and
generations before us: reforming our health care system. That yearlong
effort produced the Affordable Care Act.

In many ways, the law is working as intended for millions of Americans. But
I know that the Affordable Care Act is not perfect; no law ever is, and I
have said that from the beginning.

Click here to learn how my colleagues and I are working to make the
Affordable Care Act work better.

To improve the Affordable Care Act, my colleagues and I have introduced a
series of commonsense pieces of legislation, the Making It Work Better
initiative, which takes the next step toward making the Affordable Care Act
work better for you.

The Making It Work Better initiative aims to improve three keys areas of the
Affordable Care Act: greater affordability, more enrollment choices, and
employer flexibility. I believe that offering more coverage options to
individuals and employers is a vital first step to improving the Affordable
Care Act and ensuring that millions of Americans receive the care and
coverage they deserve.

I am committed to making the Affordable Care Act work better for you,
without taking away parts of the law that are benefiting millions of
Americans right now.


Mary Landrieu

P.S. The last day to enroll in a new affordable health care plan is March
31. Take a look at your coverage options here: www.healthcare.gov

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