[StBernard] Warner brothers of St. Bernard honored at roast in Chalmette

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Warner brothers of St. Bernard honored at roast in Chalmette
Print Barry Lemoine By Barry Lemoine
on April 23, 2014 at 6:02 AM, updated April 23, 2014 at 6:28 AM

For most people, the name Warner Brothers refers to the cinematic empire
that has produced thousands of movie classics, but here in St. Bernard, the
WB moniker refers to two gentleman and educators who have positively
impacted the community for decades - Tommy and Wayne Warner.

Recently, over 300 friends and community leaders gathered at the Sigur
Center in Chalmette to pay homage and make fun of these two men as part of
the St. Bernard Chamber of Commerce's Annual Roast.

The roast got started with a video tribute. Edited by Jack Jackson, the
humorous and touching piece showed some of the differences between the two
honored guests. For instance, Tommy is more verbal and gregarious while
Wayne is more reserved and bashful. One is proud of his hair. The other? Not
so much. These playful jabs were only a part of the tribute. The video also
touched on the impact and the sacrifices that each man has made to their
beloved institutions over the last forty years -Tommy as Chancellor of Nunez
Community College and Wayne at Principal of Chalmette High School.

Doris Voitier, superintendant of St. Bernard Schools, and a friend and
colleague of both Warners, served as the featured speaker and roaster. She
had a true challenge since each man is so respected in the community, but
Voitier was up to the task, peppering each man with a variety of zingers and

Special appearances included high-energy bits performed by CHS Assistant
principals Jack Serigne and Will Schneider as well as some surprise barbs
from Sean Warner aimed at his dad, Tommy.

Other highlights included the national anthem sung by a pair of talented CHS
music students, Sydney and Shelby Evans as well as a pair of Irish tunes
sung by Annelise Cassar.

It was a good night for a good cause as proceeds from the roast benefit two
groups committed to the arts in St. Bernard - the Performing Arts Summer
Academy and the Voices Foundation.

Stephen Reuther, Director of the St. Bernard Chamber, was pleased with the
guests and the turn out.

"I would like to thank Mr. Wayne Warner and Dr. Tommy Warner for agreeing to
the roast and thank everyone for coming out and supporting these two great
men in an incredible evening of fun and laughter."

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