[StBernard] Connie Crumhorn to become new St. Bernard Registrar of Voters

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu May 15 09:40:34 EDT 2014

Connie Crumhorn to become new St. Bernard Registrar of Voters

Connie R. Crumhorn will become the next St. Bernard Registrar of Voters
after the St. Bernard Parish Council selected her for the post earlier this
month. Her mother, Rita Crumhorn, now 87, served 18 years at the office's
helm until she stepped down in August 2007.

Former Registrar of Voters Velma Bourg officially stepped down from the top
spot on April 10, after serving that post since Rita Crumhorn had vacated
it. Crumhorn had worked in the Registrar of Voters office since 1992.

When Bourg took over the post from Rita Crumhorm, Bourg asked Connie
Crumhorn if she wished to join the office, Connie Crumhorn recalled on

Prior to working in the parish Registrar of Voters office, Connie Crumhorn
taught business education at St. Bernard Parish high schools and then worked
as a court reporter.

The council selected Crumhorn among 20 other applicants.

"We had a lot of applicants and we had some very good applicants among
them," Councilman Guy McInnis said on Wednesday. "But I think there were two
things things about her specifically."

"One, she has been there and has the experience of already having worked in
that office. We have a big election coming up this year and it is important
that we have a lot of conintinuity with that office," McInnis continued.
"And two, she hasn't been involved in the political arena before, which I
think made us more comfortable. She is a clerk, and that is her focus."

Crumhorn, 59, said on Wednesday afternoon that she is awaiting her official
certification from the state Secretary of State's office and then she hopes
to become sworn into the office within the next few weeks.

She said one of her main goals in office is "to be more active in the
community, do more outreach." She said she plans to educate local students
about the election process by giving them opportunities to use voting
machines and by assisting with mock elections.

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