[StBernard] Proposals would increase St. Bernard Parish Council's power

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jun 17 20:23:49 EDT 2014

it doesn't seem that this council follows the current charter, policies, and
if the council does not like what the HRQLC was doing, they dismantle the
HRQLC and appointment themselves if the council is influenced by political
cronies who refuse to comply with the sign ordinance, they change the
ordinance if the council wants a particular appointee on the zoning
commission, they disregard the top three names recommended by the
appointments review board, have a sidebar with the parish president during a
council meeting and nominate and appoint whoever they want anyway, even if
that nominee was near the end of the list if the council does not care to
follow the current polices and procedures for zoning changes, they just
don't why change the charter? the current council doesn't follow it anyway

	Another proposed amendment would give the council more control over
	appointments, by putting members in charge of submitting names for
	parish president to choose from, rather than accepting the
	single selection.
	Currently, a five-member Appointments Review Board, made up of
business and
	community leaders, considers applicants for boards or commissions
	selects three names for each open position. They are sent to the
	president, who then selects one name and puts it before the council

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