Talbert Pipes- Pipe Video chat with David Field

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Tue Dec 27 09:56:41 EST 2005

Hello all! We are back from Christmas vacation and I've just finished
assembling the pipe video chat we had with David Field, long-time
industry veteran and importer of Il Ceppo, Barbi, Becker, Joura, Don
Carlos, Safferling, Radice, and many more. He and I talk about current
trends in the pipe industry, the future of pipes, our favorite pipes and
tobaccos, pipemaking, and just general BS. The video is 45 minutes long
and probably very dull to anyone who isn't a serious pipe nut. The file
is available in two versions, a big 715 meg AVI (encoded via the DiVX
codec, available at www.divx.com for those who need it), and a smaller
33 meg Realplayer version for those on low-bandwidth connections. The
quality is about what you'd imagine for a 45 minute video crammed into
33 megs...
As with my last pipemaking video, I am distributing this new one via
BitTorrent. Full info on the videos, How-To links, etc, can all be
found on our Pipe Pic blog page here:


I hope folks find it at least mildly entertaining, if not particularly
educational or enlightening. Happy holidays!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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