Talbert Pipes- A couple of new pipes, briefly available

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Sun Jun 4 10:10:33 EDT 2006

Hello to everyone on our mailing list! Yes, we are still in business.
I realize all has been very, very quiet lately, but I have been involved
in some complex behind-the-scenes work which should soon see huge
benefits for US buyers interested in being able to purchase my pipes
more easily and get them a LOT faster. It is likely that the site will
continue to be quiet for the next month, excepting the occasional
posting of extra pipes from special requests, though I will continue to
try and keep the pipe blog updated and interesting.

And, speaking of which, there is a preview of two new pipes posted there
today. These pipes are destined to ship to Pipe & Pint in the US, but
if anyone wants to snag one before it goes, please get in touch in the
next day or two, as they will likely be going into the post on Tuesday
(I believe tomorrow is a holiday here). For more pics and info, check
out the pipe blog link in my signature. Thanks for your time, and I
hope everyone is having a great Spring and summer!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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