Talbert Pipes- New mortas, and the 2006 Talbert Halloween pipe (sort of)!

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Thu Oct 19 15:53:46 EDT 2006

Hello to everyone on our mailing list! It's been a while since the last
update, as I've mostly been working on the pipes for the FumeursdePipe
club, but I have managed to get a *little* extra done on the side. I'm
posting these for direct sale, for a change, to avoid bothering Larry.
He's had a death in the family and some major reshuffling, so I didn't
want to pester him with pipe stuff now (and I still have no news of when
the Pipe & Pint website might be ready, but I'm assuming all that is
seriously on hold at the moment).

So, before I get to the really strange news, there are two new Morta
Classics available in the catalog- see them here:


I'll wager the ring-grained blast doesn't last for long...

But, now for the really big news - Yes, there is a Talbert Halloween
Pipe this year. It isn't as elaborate as some past pieces but it is
part of something very different, a new idea in things pipe-ish that
I've been working on over the past year and have dubbed the Pfeifenigma.
Tonight, I've posted this season's Halloween pipe as part of
Pfeifenigma #1, The Korrigan's Riddle. It's possible that the pipe
world may well think this is the dumbest idea ever, but I've certainly
had a terrific fun time working on this project and, assuming anyone
actually buys it, I can safely state that future Pfeifenigma projects
will be vastly better in terms of depth, complexity, and also artwork.
I'll let the new site fully explain this bizarre idea - here is the link
to the introduction page:


I'd suggest scrolling down and reading, in order, the "What the Heck is
This?" page first, then the FAQ, and then the pics or story as one

I'm not auctioning this year - the entire package is available as a
package flat price of 1500 euros, first-come, first-sell. But even if
it's over the budget, I hope at least that the site, the story, the
riddles, the art, and the idea will prove entertaining.

Thanks very much for your time!

Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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