Talbert Pipes- Tis the season for Goblin Churchwardens, and more

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Sat Oct 12 21:54:00 EDT 2013

Here's a little mid-month update - Two new Ligne Bretagne sandblasts (One green, one natural):


... and a Goblin Churchwarden:


Most of my working time is going into my current Halloween pipe project, but I hope these new additions will be entertaining for the folks who might not quite be shopping in that price range. Also, I've finally updated the Pipe Blog with a post about my own personal philosophy of handling emotional bumps, and how important it is to be able to get back into a positive mindset when you're making your living doing creative work. Maybe this will be helpful and/or interesting to fellow creative types who have to be "in the groove" to make their money:


Now it's back to the workshop for more Halloween fun! As always, thanks very much for your interest in our work!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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