Talbert Pipes- Fall means it's Autumn Apple Harvest time, plus a new Goblin

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Sat Sep 6 17:06:50 EDT 2014

Hello all!  September kicks off the Autumn season here at Talbert
Pipes. It's my favorite time of the year! I plan on posting the usual
selection of Goblins and who knows what else, but also, I wanted a
nicely seasonal theme for our regular Ligne Bretagne production and I
got it when Emily suggested, "Why not make all apple shapes and call
it the Autumn Apple Harvest?" She's so much better at marketing ideas
than I am! So, voila... In the weeks to come, look for lots of new
Ligne Bretagnes apples in all sorts of finishes. There are four new
ones posted today to start things off, three sandblasts and a
beautiful natural smooth:


Also, because fall is Goblin season, there's a new Goblin up... one
that's a bit wilder and weirder than my usual, which is probably
saying something...


Business aside, there's also some news of the silly.  For starters,
I've set up my "Godzillas and Pipes" web comic on a dedicated site
now, and all future installments will be hosted at "Giant Radioactive
Lizards Eloquently Discuss Collectible Tobacco Pipes":


I've been having fun with it, and hope to post lots of strips in
future as time allows.  Given that I've been active in the online P&T
community since roughly 1991, there's plenty of material to draw from!
 Mostly it's going to be a joke strip, though don't be surprised if
every once in a while, the entire comic is just the cast of lizards
seriously discussing some aspect of the pipe hobby, without even a

In other news of the ridiculous, I've also recently signed up a new
account on Tumblr, which is going to be a grab bag of random stuff...
some pipe content, lots of old monster movies, cars, music, and
whatever else strikes my fancy to post.  The page is currently under
redesign so expect the layout to change, possibly on a daily basis,
but I promise that the content will be consistently ridiculous.


I like the format of Tumblr a lot better than twitter, which has
always felt terribly constraining with its character limit.  Those who
follow my personal account on there have no doubt noticed that it's
gone largely inactive, particularly compared to our business account,
but I just don't find Twitter very fun.

In any event, that's the news for now - Look for more apples and more
Goblins and who knows what else, all appearing over the next several
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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