Talbert Pipes- A couple of new items

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Wed Dec 26 22:56:27 EST 2018

Hello all!  As I write this, we're getting ready for my wife to go
back into surgery again, so I'll probably not be very productive for
the next few days from helping with her recovery.  I did manage to get
a last couple of pipes posted to the site though, and wanted to send
this notice since it's unlikely there will be anything else going up
for a week or more.

The first small update is an unsmoked Pipe & Pint Anniversary Pipe in
the Ligne Bretagne catalog.  I've posted a couple of these already,
and this is the last of the bunch - an unsmoked pipe from 2014.  Check
it out here:


I've also added a very large Talbert Briar freehand with ring-grain
sandblast.  It's an estate, but barely so, and I've restored it to
'Like New' condition.  Also, I've lowered a few prices on some of the
unsold older Talbert Briars to help them move.  I don't often do sales
and price cuts because I like my pricing to be consistent, but with a
surgery right on top of us, there's no telling how much the medical
bills might be so I wanted to do all I could to bring in as much sales
as possible, quickly.  Check out the new addition and the older
Talberts here:


That's it for now.  Crossing fingers that Emily makes it through her
third surgery in four months.  If I don't write again till January,
know that we both wish everyone a very healthy and happy New Year!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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