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I presume that you are referring to the Shenandoah
Division timetable.  Do you want this particular
issue?  We have scads of employee timetables 
dating from just after the turn of the Twentieth
Century.  While there are some gaps, we certainly have
the majority of those issued since then.  Most 
are by division, but some early ones are combined for
the system.  The storage boxes of employee timetables
take up most of two shelves, each shelf being 6 - 8
feet long.

Let me know what you want, and I'll check with
President Gillum about any cost to you.  If you aren't
in a hurry for the copies, I could make 
some the next time that I go to the archives.  The old
timetables would be copied onto legal size sheets.


December 13, 2004

Good morning, Gordon:

Thanks for letting me know about the employee
timeable.  It's good to know that so many of them
exist in the archives.

I've held off buying the "partner's desk" plan so I
could buy a timetable copy at the same time. 
Depending on cost, I might be interested in a set of
Shenandoah Division employee timetables about ten
years apart from as early as is available until 1957
or so.

In doing so, if it is possible to determine the date
that Boyce was closed as an agency, that would
likewise be nice to know.  In any event, thanks for
your assistance!

Happy holidays to you and Jim,

Dr. Frank R. Scheer, Curator
Railway Mail Service Library, Inc.
f_scheer at
(202) 268-2121 - weekday office
(540) 837-9090 - weekend afternoons 
in the former N&W station on VA rte 723 
117 East Main Street 
Boyce  VA  22620-9639

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